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Amy Green is a Northern California artist. She creates watercolor and ink paintings, intaglio etchings, and ink drawings. She received an MFA from California College of the Arts in Film/Video and Performance Art, and a BFA in Sculpture from California State University Chico. Amy currently lives in Fair Oaks, CA with her two sons, her boyfriend, his two daughters, one dog, two cats, one gecko, and one crawdad named Earl LeGette.

“I love the intersection between nature, fantasy, science, and spirit. My creations are often surrealist and therefore odd or challenging, but possibly unlike the famous works of artists like Dali and Kahlo, I want my work to also feel friendly, accessible and visually welcoming.”  

My Philosophy of Art
Until it is viewed, art is incomplete. Art is alchemy - the relationship between the artist and each viewer. I often learn about my own artwork from strangers as they describe what they see.  

Each art piece is like a child I've birthed - unique in personality yet reflective of something deep within me. And like the Mother of a child, I seek to push it gently into the world with the hopes of it being well-received, understood, challenged, and ultimately cherished and integrated into someone else's life. 

My Influences

  • Cell stains

  • Buddhism

  • Zoology

  • My Father the Biologist

  • Work in Health Care

  • Art Nouveau

  • Topographical Maps

  • Metaphysics

  • Surrealism and Dadaism

  • Animals

  • Women

  • Pregnancy

  • Tree Rings